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Help & Manual – Home Page of Winhelp and HTML HELP authoring tools


Luna Tech » Creating a torrent with completedir This guide is designated for completedir 1.0.1. completedir can be downloaded at It is now recommended to use btmaketorrentgui over completedir.


Luna Tech » Creating a torrent with btmaketorrentgui This guide is designated for BitTorrent 4.0.2. btmaketorrentgui (also known as BitTorrent metafile creator and Make Torrent) can be downloaded at bundled with BitTorrent. Open the application by going to Start » All Programs » BitTorrent » Make Torrent.


Bit Torrent – How to make your own torrents The basic principle of Bit Torrent is that in order to get a file, you’re also forced to share the same file back to others at the same time. In short, the more people contributing, the better. For this project to really take off, we need a lot of people willing… (more…)


Haxx – Quick and Easy! We are a small company with fast developers and hackers. We offer quick solutions to your hard-to-solve problems. Haxx is a team of specialists on solving the smaller but still tricky problems in a very efficient way. We make your software work more smoothly, or we make your web site a little out of the… (more…)

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