Monthly Archives: September 2005


The Trouble With Ebuyer – What Trading Standards Say


g10 Code – Products – GPGol This is a plugin for Microsoft Outlook to integrate GnuPG and thus OpenPGP encryption and digital signatures. It has been written more or less from scratch and aims to replace the old and unmaintained plugin by G-DATA. It does not work with Outlook Express. THIS IS WORK IN PROGRESS! IT MAY CONTAIN SEVERE BUGS… (more…)


EFF: DeepLinks


SAMSUNG’s Digital World – Press Release Samsung launches ‘Response Time Accelerator’ Monitors


GamePC – Large Screen LCD Gaming Arrives : Viewsonic’s VP201B Since we first started evaluating LCD monitors here at the GamePC Labs, we’ve been asked the same question by readers over and over again. “When will we ever see large-screen LCD monitors designed for gamers?” Until this point, we’ve had to reply to the tune of “hopefully soon”. LCD monitor… (more…)

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