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The Game Manual Archive is dedicated to collecting video game manual scans. Here, you can find over 5000 scanned game manuals, magazines, maps and posters, all of which may be downloaded in pdf or jpeg format. You can also submit your own game manual scans, that’s how this repository keeps growing. * If you want to submit your own game… (more…)


Our Mission: The Mission of BudoSeek! is to promote unity, cooperation, mutual respect and communication in the Martial Arts Community. BudoSeek! Martial Arts Community


This site is about backpacking mainly in mountainous and remote regions of England and Wales, but also covers a few low-level routes and the odd day walk. The routes are mostly self-designed and some established, and all with wild camping. The Trips&Photos section has all the routes listed by date and area. As well as the popular Lake District and… (more…)


Children aged two, three and four were in a party of nine walkers airlifted from Snowdon in freezing conditions. The two-year-old was said to be lucky to be alive and the group has been criticised as ‘reckless’. Matthew Richards reports. BBC News Player | International


NINE people, including three young children, who were rescued by helicopter from the frozen slopes of Snowdon in the dark had no map, compass or torch. One of them was wearing training shoes. Their rescuers said that they were horrified to discover girls aged 2, 3, and 5 among the party. They criticised the adults — one of whom is… (more…)