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Building a high-performance mail delivery system is one thing; building one that does not knock over other systems is a different story. Some mailers suffer from the thundering herd syndrome: they literally flood other systems with mail. Postfix tries to be a fast mailer and a good neighbor at the same time. On the inbound side, the Postfix SMTP server… (more…)


I was reading about the Nieman Marcus lawsuit and on a phone call related to the Working Group on Mechanisms to Protect Rights of Others ..  when suddenly it occurred to me that this whole rush to rid the world of typos could eventually head in a messy direction. The shortage (and increasing value) of poignant and generic domain names… (more…)


The Secunia Software Inspector will inspect your operating system and software for insecure versions and missing security updates. A default inspection normally lasts 5-40 seconds, while a thorough inspection may take several minutes. Note: If you have anti-virus software or similar enabled, an inspection may increase significantly in duration.Software Inspector – Secunia


VMware Disk Manipulation Utilities VMware Utilities Homepage


Most people talk of the percentage that spam makes up of all email sent, which is a useful rough measure of the global impact of spam. The actual percentage in any inbox will of course vary hugely, depending on the average rate at which people receive other email. A better measure to gauge the impact on your own inbox might… (more…)

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