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Llamasoft has released over 30 games since its inception, covering a wide range of home computers and consoles. Many of these titles are now Public Domain, so if you have a favourite game from days gone by and are looking for more information on it or a free download for emulation, then select an era from the list below to… (more…)


“It seems to me that if your management server goes down, then there is no way to a) start new VS’s, b) restart a VS that failed either due to an internal error or because the hardware it was running on has failed. Is this true? If so, what recommendations do people have for overcoming this single point of failure?”… (more…)


Unlike Shakespeare’s rose, Xen, by any other name, is most definitely not Xen, and ‘Xen’ trademark holder XenSource Inc. has told other virtualization players that unless they agree to its trademark terms, to stop calling their products as such. XenSource, the commercial entity founded by of the University of Cambridge researchers that developed the open source hypervisor, made the Xen… (more…)


Xen, the open source hypervisor, will ship with the next update to Sun Microsystem Inc.’s Solaris 10 operating system, Sun announced today. The next Solaris update is due out this summer. OpenSolaris, the open source version of the commercial Sun OS, already ships with Xen as part of its distribution, and Sun had already publicly stated that it would carry… (more…)