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The j2Ski Team are skiers, and we Ski Europe (hey, we snowboard too – but we’re not quite so hot there!). Oh, and we’re unlucky enough to have busy day jobs the wrong end of a flight to the Alps… so we’re probably quite like you? To maximise our time on the alpine pistes and (regretfully) keep our time off… (more…)

Owned and operated by veterans of the snowboard industry, e-Depot sells previous season’s overstock direct to the public.


VanDyke Software provides ongoing updates for customers with licensed copies of older versions of our software. Current updates to previous releases are listed below.


Core-strength & flexibility **Don’t let those New Year’s resolutions slip, get ready for your winter trip… …with Skilates** You would never run a marathon without proper training and preparation; yet people are often willing to spend up to 6 hours a day on skis or board without getting in even basic shape beforehand! Not only does this risk injury to… (more…)


Arnold Schwarzenegger Mr. Olympia – 1970-1975, 1980