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Freeware tool Hitman Pro combines the best of both worlds to fight spyware. Hitman Pro is a freeware tool that combines a number of powerful anti-spyware programs in one integrated solution. In nearly all anti-spyware reviews, the conclusion is that none of the anti-spyware programs removes all spyware. A combination of two programs is recommended. This is exactly what Hitman… (more…)


So, what’s the story behind Warren Farm? Warren Farm used to be part of the Stackpole Estate, which was owned by the Cawdor family of Macbeth fame. The National Trust took ownership of the Stackpole grounds, the Home Farm & the Lilyponds at Bosherston. Warren Farm, like many other farms, was sold off although the National Trust still retain an… (more…)


Annoying LinkScanner? Yeah, Actually, i am happy with AVG 8.0 Free because the Anti-spyware finally comes built-in with the antivirus for a better internet-security. But, the one that was ever annoying for me (for you too?) was its new feature, LinkScanner. What is LinkScanner? (from the official website) LinkScanner is a new security component included in the AVG 8.0 Free… (more…)