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Have you ever opened up a folder in Windows Explorer, only to find all their file names have gone missing? All the files are there but you won’t be able to see their names! Well, that happened to me recently while I was working on another article. I got a real shock when I couldn’t see the file names! For… (more…)


Navigo WinCE Hack To hack the Navigo to boot up into Windows CE is simple. What you do once you are running Windows CE is where the pleasure and power lies…


Install Activesync 4.5 on your PC Install remote regedit on your PC Turn on the Navigo and PC, connect USB lead, make sure USB activesync is selected on it (or it will soon be a paperweight) Select “Guest” when activesync asks, then run remote regedit (change all 5 keys in 1 go or you’ll be sorry) NOTE: activesync often only… (more…)


NaviGo (turn off java-script!) These are not links specifically because we don’t want to get blocked… OK! Copy and paste, it’s not hard. 🙂