High-quality Circumaural Bluetooth Headphones

Over the last couple years, I’ve been progressively engraving podcasts and audiobooks into my daily routine. Don’t know how I ever managed to get along without them. It recently became clear that the time for Apple’s earbuds was up. In consequence of that, I started researching for some worthy headphones for my iPhone 4. Since I’m a sucker for wireless… (more…)

Crossfit-SA1 Forging Elite Fitness

Crossfit-SA1 Forging Elite Fitness.

How to Secure and Encrypt Your Web Browsing on Public Networks with Hamachi and Privoxy

When you’re browsing from a public Wi-Fi connection—like at your favorite coffee shop—anyone on that network can snoop on what you’re doing, with very few exceptions. So can the IT crew at your workplace. Today, we’re going to walk through setting up an encrypted proxy server on your home computer so you can secure your browsing session no matter where… (more…)

Ryanair FR #505 Flight Tracker

FlightAware > Ryanair FR #505 > 05-Jun-2011 > EGGD-EIDW Flight Tracker.

The search for meaning – Richard’s Blog – Virgin.com


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