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In this page we have links in order of importance to the different Android tutorials, from how to install your development environment, how to start your first Android project and on.


What is Nandroid Backup v2.0? Nandroid Backup is a set of tools and a script that will enable anyone who has root on their G1 and has the engineering/dev spl bootloader [1] (or has a dev phone) + a recovery image with busybox and adbd running as root [2] to make full system backups. These can then be restored using… (more…)


TorProxy is an Android application that makes it possible to use Internet sites and services anonymously from a mobile device. This is possible thanks to the Tor network and OnionCoffee. TorProxy can be used by many different Android applications to obtain an anonymous Internet application. For example, if you want to browse website anonymously you will need to install a… (more…)


How To: Root Your HTC Hero in One Click! (Updated 01.10.10!) | The Unlockr


This is a custom recovery based on Cyanogen’s recovery source. The purpose of this recovery is to avoid using adb by accessing all features directly from the menu. This recovery if for the HTC Hero only, so NOT the Sprint Hero!!!, if you have an : – HTC Sprint Hero you should go here. – HTC Dream/G1 you should go… (more…)