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Looking To Hire Top Talent For Your Startup? Here Are Five Things You Should Know.


Kaizen 改善, Japanese for “improvement” is a Japanese philosophy that focuses on continuous improvement throughout all aspects of life. When applied to the workplace, Kaizen activities continually improve all functions of a business, from manufacturing to management and from the CEO to the assembly line workers.[1] By improving standardized activities and processes, Kaizen aims to eliminate waste see Lean manufacturing.… (more…)


Before the interview: Find out everything you can about the company from annual reports / brochures / web pages etc. Review your CV and think through specific questions you may be asked about it. Practice answers to common interview questions (listed below). Prepare your own questions about the company and job. Double check that you have the correct day and… (more…)


The Security Check (SC) is the most widely held security clearance for posts involving long-term, frequent and uncontrolled access to secret assets and occasional and controlled access to top-secret material. An SC level involves a BC security clearance check, plus checks against the UK criminal and security records (and if appropriate, of overseas countries) and a credit check. Search for… (more…)


We have been publishing the views of Umbrella Companies and others on Chancellor Gordon Brown’s proposals as regards Managed Service Companies. Here is an interview with Rob Crossland of Parasol.