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Do You Use or Are You Planning To Buy Rechargeable Batteries? RBR Can Help You Buy the Right Rechargeable Battery or Charger! There are Good AND Bad Rechargeable Batteries Out There! RBR has Real Tests and Rechargeable Battery Comparisons. AAA, AA, C, D, 9v and charger performance test results are available Free. We are here to help you get value… (more…)


Maha delivered a surprisingly new product announcement in December 2005. The Maha MH-C808M, a comprehensive charger, offered consumers not only a AA and AAA battery charger, but also added C and D batteries, as well as a backlit LCD display. The MH-C808M is built on the same design as the MH-801D, including the same kind of high-quality worldwide AC adapter.… (more…)


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In a quiet area, these comfortable, well located, self catering apartments with a spacious pool and garden area are ideal for families, couples or friends. Shops, restaurants and bars all near by and the Levante beach and Benidorm town centre are only 900 metres away with the bus stop just 100 metres away. The Vistamar is also a good starting… (more…)


The MicroLink’s convenience arises from the way Devolo has integrated the power connector: the unit is a compact 8 x 6.3 x 3.7cm box that plugs straight into the wall. The only cable you need to connect is the Ethernet line between the MicroLink and whatever network device you want to hook it up to. Devolo bundles a pair of… (more…)