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How to wire Ethernet Cables


Easily manage your computers and servers through a single keyboard, mouse, and monitor. LevelOne KVM Switches are easy to operate via on-screen display, hotkeys, or push-button switching. For flexible deployment, we offer award-winning products for the desktop and 19˝ cabinets. Up to 136 computers can be controlled from one console through your LevelOne KVM Switch. USB and PS/2 connectors as… (more…)


In a research park outside the low-key bustle of downtown Huntsville, Ala. Mark Spencer finishes his barbecue and resumes wreaking havoc on the multibillion-dollar phone equipment business. Spencer is the inventor of Asterisk, a free software program that establishes phone calls over the Internet and handles voicemail, caller ID, teleconferencing and a host of novel features for the phone. With… (more…)


ANSI/EIA (American National Standards Institute/Electronic Industries Association) Standard 568 is one of several standards that specify “categories” (the singular is commonly referred to as “CAT”) of twisted pair cabling systems (wires, junctions, and connectors) in terms of the data rates that they can sustain effectively. The specifications describe the cable material as well as the types of connectors and junction… (more…)


VoIP is here to stay. In fact many incumbent telecommunication carriers have started offering VoIP service for sometime and several new VoIP service providers have emerged. Aside from issues such as quality of service, the aspect of security, or lack thereof, is misunderstood by some of the VoIP service providers. This purpose of this article is to discuss two of… (more…)