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MPEG Streamclip is a powerful free video converter, player, editor for Mac and Windows. It can play many movie files, not only MPEGs; it can convert MPEG files between muxed/demuxed formats for authoring; it can encode movies to many formats, including iPod; it can cut, trim and join movies. MPEG Streamclip can also download videos from YouTube and Google by… (more…)


MP2 (sometimes also called Musicam) is short for MPEG-1 Audio Layer II. MP2 files usually have an extension of .mp2 but sometimes .mpa is used instead. MP2 has largely been superseded by MP3 (MPEG-1 Audio Layer III) for file sharing and CD ripping, but it remains a dominant standard for audio broadcasting in Europe as part of the DAB digital… (more…)


In the Freeview and digital satellite (DSat) columns in the table below, the bit rate is listed for all the stations available in the UK on those platforms. There are also 200-300 European free radio stations that can be received on satellite but only the UK stations are listed. The rows in green and sky-blue at the top of the… (more…)


Digital Audio Broadcasting (DAB), also known as Eureka 147, is a technology for broadcasting of audio using digital radio transmission. Other digital audio broadcasting systems are listed in Digital radio. The original objectives of converting to digital transmission were to enable higher fidelity, more stations and more resistance to noise, co-channel interference and multipath than in analog FM radio. However,… (more…)