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We are situated in the North East of Scotland, near Aberdeen. We support and enhance the abilities of anyone who cares to train with us. We are a non-profit sports club run by volunteers with assistance from parents and members.


AikiWeb Aikido Forums – Kuzushi, Tsukuri and kake


Judo – Sadaki Nakabayashi

Serious is dedicated to helping swimmers, cyclists, runners and triathletes who are serious about performance, achieve their personal best. Join the site today to access all sports science, training and performance content, all tools & calculators and to receive our Performance email newsletters. Share the power of knowledge Become active in the PB community – Join the site today to… (more…)


There are Five different types of Glucosamine: 1. D-Glucosamine Hydrochloride (HCl) – (From either Shellfish or Vegetable Sources) 2. D-Glucosamine Sulphate 2KCl – (From either Shellfish or Vegetable Sources) 3. D-Glucosamine Sulphate NaCl 4. N-acetyl-glucosamine (NAG) 5. Poly N-acetyl-glucosamine (Poly NAG) Note: The correct technical name for Glucosamine is “D-Glucosamine” (except for no 4 and 5 above) Top Which ones… (more…)

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