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“Where’s the path?” is one of the most frequent questions asked by walkers. Ok, usually it’s “where’s the f***ing path” (shouted at the sky as what had looked like a well-used path suddenly fades out in the middle of an impenetrable wood), but that would be impolite on a family website. Needless to say, the idea for this website came… (more…)


Every part of England, Scotland and Wales – however remote – is covered by 403 maps specially designed for walkers, off-road cyclists, horse riders and all involved in outdoor activities. Please note: The Outdoor Leisure™ map series and the Pathfinder® map series have now been integrated with the OS Explorer Map series. Mapshop


Welcome to Countryside Access in Wales. This website is a guide to land and paths that are normally available for access on foot in Wales. To zoom in, click on a point or draw a square around the area you want to see. You can also search for a place name. Countryside Access in Wales – Exclusions and Restrictions


Open Access Maps Open Access – commonly known as the ‘right to roam’ – is now available across England which means you are able to walk across mapped Access Land without the need to stick to paths. Countryside Access – Things to Do – Open Access – Open Access Maps

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