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Rock Thankfully, is mostly about climbing, but there are a few non climbing-related items on the site. Here you’ll find all of the housekeeping items that keep running day in and day out. It might seem mundane to some, but this is really where the core of the website starts and ends. It’s what helps be… (more…)


Climbing Boulder Home | Rock Climbing | Ice | Bouldering | Alpine | Beta | Photos | Updated Daily “All-in-all, Climbing Boulder may be the best localized climbing web site in the world … Climber Online is happy to award its first ever Site of the Week repeat winner to Climbing Boulder. For visitors, this is a must visit web… (more…) – Climbing Mag – Home “Sportextreme was founded as a society out of love to nature, a mind for action and a heart for the extreme. I wanted to provide our members the best of all outdoor resource – equipment, guide books, information, and articles. And I wanted to provide everything to the members at a fair price.” The Specialist shop has grown to… (more…) UK Climbing is the definitive source for all Climbing and Mountain-related activity. We are the central source of information for UK Climbing and the best place to start your climbing on the Internet.