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Despite the fact that a huge and increasing amount, up to 90%, of new information is stored primarily – or only – on hard disk drives, large-scale research into why, how and when disk drives fail has not been published until now. Google has just published a research paper, “Failure Trends in a large Disk Drive Population” written by Eduardo… (more…)


Introduction: Transcend and several other manufacturers make 4GB SD cards these days. They’re great if you use your HTC device as MP3 player or Camera, as they offer enough space for thousands of songs and pictures. My device, the HTC Universal, handles them just fine. However some applications, most notably the Camera application, don’t like it. Why some apps don’t… (more…)


Why is zoning a security issue? A zone is what gives certain servers access to the disk or tape drives on the SAN. If you use port-based zoning–the more secure of the two types–someone would need to gain physical access to your switch in order to spoof membership to a given zone, and thus read the data within that zone.… (more…)


WWN zoning uses name servers in the switches to either allow or block access to particular World Wide Names (WWNs) in the fabric. A major advantage of WWN zoning is the ability to recable the fabric without having to redo the zone information. WWN zoning is susceptible to unauthorized access, as the zone can be bypassed if an attacker is… (more…)


In the 90s, the largest advocate of more storage was Microsoft. The company insisted we have larger hard drives for Windows 95, then Windows 98. Then the next largest proponent for more storage became the application designers, pleading users to get larger hard drives for image manipulation or games. But today, I can fit Vista, Outlook (and all of those… (more…)